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D’Asia Simone is an American multi-media artist and entrepreneur. Beginning her creative journey as an adolescent, D’Asia explored ways to express her passion for music, performing arts, beauty, and fashion. Her early years were spent refining her craft through singing, writing, acting, modeling, producing, directing, photography, and other artistic mediums. 


Since her debut in 2018, D’Asia appreciates and plays an important role in the journey. She is often involved in every step of the creative process from producing, writing, recording, and engineering music, to writing scripts, creating visual decks, and directing. In 2021, D’Asia launched her creative agency Two Fourteen, to expand her role as a creative and storyteller, collaborating with various brands and artists. 


As an astrologer, Reiki practitioner, Crystal healer, and Sound healer, D’Asia incorporates her spiritual practices into her art, promoting healing and balance. In her 2024 EP ‘Pluto’, she utilized the astrological meaning of the planet to channel her experiences through a musical journey of transformation. To enhance the experience, producer Rocki Laurenç developed a formula to tune each song to the Solfeggio frequencies associated with the seven chakras. Each song on the project is tuned to a specific chakra based on the story of the song. D’Asia is continuing to push art forward through pure expression and innovation. 


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