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In July of 2023, I created my first recording session in Ableton titled 'Ginseng'.  Rocki Laurenç sent me a beat that we worked on over Facetime and I imported it into Ableton. With my Scarlett Solo mic, interface, and mic stand set up, I pressed record, and started singing.  My voice danced between melodies as I sang my emotions and vulnerability into the microphone. After a few takes and transferring my emotions from melodies to words in my iPhone notes, Surrender was born. Surrender expresses the internal dialogue after realizing that in order to fully grow and evolve, surrendering is required. After years away from music, feeling disconnected and stagnant, as life happened in between, I knew that change was necessary. With no intentions of diving into an entire project, I would have never guessed that I would spend the next ten months pouring life into music again. I would spend the next few months creating the EP over Facetime with my friend and producer Rocki Laurenç, who also produced my first EP 'Element'. Everything except music was removed from my path and instead of resisting, I allowed myself to be lead through this journey. The one thing that has  always been a part of my life gracefully resurfaced and became the medium in which I healed myself through. Pluto is a body of work that is much more than an EP. Every instrument, vocal arrangement, lyric, and tuning is intentional. Tuned to the Solfeggio frequencies associated with the seven chakras, this entire EP is an expression of healing and evolving. Pluto, the planet of death, transformation, and rebirth in astrology, depicts my journey through each of those phases through sound and visuals. May this musical & visual experience move you in the most harmonious way. If you're reading this,  thank you for joining me on this journey. Welcome to Pluto.

  • Rocki Laurenç
    producer, engineer, co-creative director | Laurenç Records

  • Criss Davis
    director of photography | Seven Screens  Media

  • Marla Rae
    photographer, director of photography |

  • Ryan Harris
    photographer | RH Imagery
  • ​Shadonis
    astrologer & jeweler | Shadonis Shop

  • Jamal Robinson
    astrologer | KnightOfSagAstro

  • Zelle Johnson
    photographer | Recognizze Studios

  • ​Tip Minter
    digital merch designer | ToonTYM

This EP would not have been possible without the many talented creatives whohave collaborated with me during the duration of this project. Thank you so much for your kindness, sharing your natural gifts, trusting me, having faith in me, and helping this vision come to life. 

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